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At 360 Healthy Me! we serve clients by offering highly researched, evidence-based programs. We have applied, and continue to apply, the principles to our own lives and have enjoyed the benefits of doing so. We facilitate learning, and guide the application of the concepts to your personal goals and needs.

Wholistic Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence

What is Wholistic Intelligence?

It is your ability to better integrate and maximize your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social abilities, both intellectually and emotionally. This allows you to see the ‘big picture’. This also allows you to experience life from a pro-active perspective, instead of a re-active perspective.

Why is this important?

This approach puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. This does not mean that you control all of the variables in life; rather, you become better at adapting to life’s in-evitable challenges. The program, Self-Mastery is Life Mastery is written by Dr. Roger Allen, and provides the foundation for our work and the personal guidance we provide clients.

We wish you the greatest success and satisfaction as you embark on the journey of Self-Mastery.


Program: Self-Mastery is Life Mastery

This seminar introduces you to the concept of Self-Mastery as it relates to emotional intelligence. You will learn the benefits of emotional intelligence and how to apply the concepts to your personal life situations. You have the opportunity to enrich your relationships in your personal life &/or in your professional life, depending on your personal goals. While you may choose to focus on only one area, i.e. personal relationships, due to the wholistic nature of the work, you will likely also see benefit in your work/professional relationships as well.

This community-based program is offered in two phases.

Phase One:

introduces you to the Integrity Model, Conquer Your Key Moments, Embrace Reality, and Exercise Responsibility.

Phase Two: 

introduces you to Clarify Your Vision, Define Your Purpose and guiding principles, Act with Integrity, and Value Who You Are.

This program may also be utilized in the workplace to build healthier and more productive relationships between company leaders, managers, service providers, and customers.


Program: M.I. Motivational Interviewing (Intelligence) for Healthcare Professionals

According to the CDC, chronic illness is the number one cause of death and disability in the US.

This program is based on the landmark (seminal) work of Drs. William R Miller & Stephen Rollnick. Attendees have the opportunity to apply the concepts of Motivational Interviewing to everyday clinical practices. This patient-centric style of communicating and being with patients provides positive outcomes, i.e. improved health literacy and positive health behavior change. The value of this skillset cannot be under-estimated, as unhealthy behaviors are a significant factor in chronic disease/illness management. Motivational Intelligence offers skillsets that enhance the ability to motivate oneself and then others, to make personal behavior changes that promote health and well-being. The ability to motivate oneself, as well as others is a valuable life skill that brings reward to both career and personal life, as well as to health outcomes.

Who are the ideal clients of 360 Healthy Me?

Individuals, teams, and organizations who value lifelong learning, leadership by example, and are willing to commit to trying new behaviors, first for themselves, and then in their daily practice with others. These clients understand that key to satisfaction and accomplishment is the ability to build and sustain relationships both at home and at work.


Emotional Intelligence and Motivational Intelligence are the elements that when combined with intellectual intelligence, come full circle and create Wholistic Intelligence. 


For further info on 360 Healthy Me! Please contact,

Deb Bershad at

Mobile: 812-204-1514

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 I first experienced the value of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in 2014. What I saw in that experience was an ability to more effectively build a collaborative relationship between myself and my patients.

I had no knowledge of MI at the time but did have many years of experience as a FNP, first in Oncology and then Primary Care.  When I participated as a patient in her roleplay, I recall thinking I had never been treated with such respect in a clinical setting, nor had I ever felt so listened to. I wanted to know more.  

Here’s what I have learned since that initial encounter with MI and how I see MI as a relevant and valuable part of my daily practice. As a FNP primary care, appointment times with patients go by so quickly.  I’ve learned through MI not to overwhelm my patients with too much information, while guiding them towards better health outcomes.  


The patient may already know what health changes are needed and why they haven’t achieved their goals but cannot put in all together.  I start by assessing the patient’s knowledge base and what got to this point of health at this time.  By exploring experiences and fostering patients’ autonomy, they take ownership of their health and make positive changes. The double bonus is that not only do my patients have better health outcomes, I see improvements in their health literacy.

Another plus with MI is its benefits in personal life and conversations.  After all, our connections with friends and family should also be about building collaborative relationships by hearing and valuing each other.  

– Diane Kolenich, FNP-BC

I have had the pleasure of bringing Ms. Bershad into my Hospital organization to provide four motivational sessions with nursing leadership and frontline staff in celebration of Nurse's Week. In preparing for these sessions Ms. Bershad was professional in her ability to listen and delivered the desired outcome to uplift and motivate staff. Her presentations were well received. Utilizing interaction and questions from participants, she provided information and stories that staff could easily relate to. Some of the evaluation comments included, "I felt empowered and proud to be the best nurse I can be" ‘Ms. Bershad allowed me to feel not only uplifted but gave me tools to communicate better with others.’ I would highly recommend Deb Bershad as a presenter, speaker, and motivator.

– Lois Morgan DNP, Deaconess Gibson Hospital, Chief Administrative Officer



Debbie Bershad, BSN, RN






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